Thank you! From the Buffalo Bluegrass Youth Ensemble

On Giving Tuesday this year, I asked for donations for the Buffalo Bluegrass Youth Ensemble to help pay for a banner and for more expert musicians to come in to give guidance to our young musicians. I asked for $200.

Then, what happended next floored me! The donations by the end of the day had jumped to over $600! We are very grateful and promise to use the donations wisely.

We would like to thank the following donors and of course, Wayside church in Hamburg for giving us a place to meet and learn!

Ali Panfil
Amalia Wagner
Bev LaRowe
Debbie O’Hara Friend
Diane Johnson
Donna Prentki-Leigh
Ernie Leonetti
Fran McPhaden Denk
Jennifer Rose Cecala d
Katie Daley
Kristine Chase Passinault
Maria Leonetti GLass
Mark Foss

Nicole Beyette
Silas Panfil
Tina Wiepert
Todd Snyder

Thank you

Mark Panfil

Director of the Buffalo Bluegrass Youth Ensemble

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