Sad news- Diane McFarland passing

The Bluegrass community and all who knew Diane are devastated to hear of the passing of our friend, Diane. She loved life, music, sailing, friends and her dear family. She held our small community of Bluegrass music lovers and players together by selflessly donating her time and energy to running Bluegrass Mondays for many years and through several venue changes. She passed the hat, booked the bands, encouraged countless musicians, young and not so young (including me). A smile, a hug and the “tip hat” to help pay for gas and sometimes more for the musicians.

She taught sailing at Seven Seas Sailing School. She was extremely intelligent and a dedicated college professor. A proud mom and grandmother. A dear friend. Our lives are better for knowing Diane. Rest in Peace, free from pain, Diane. Start up Bluegrass nights in heaven. Your band is waiting for you.

I do not know details of Diane’s passing or a memorial yet but you can contact Barbara Sherman at or me at if you would like to contribute music to her memorial service. 

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