The Panfil Brothers Hall of Fame

Chris and I are very grateful to the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame for including us in the class of 2016 inductees. In a concert/ceremony that took place on October 6, 2016 we accepted the award and performed a medley of songs along with the other inductees of this year.  Present to share in the festivities that night were our family, many friends and our mom, Loretta Panfil.

In a short speech we thanked our wives and families, the amazing musicians we’ve played with and learned from and dedicated the award to our dad, Gene Panfil.

I have included the acceptance speech at the bottom of this post.


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Induction speech

the Panfil Brothers

Starting off, we’d like to thank the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame and the members of it’s committees for this amazing honor. We are thrilled to be inducted into this club full of so many of our heroes in local music.

We’d like to thank our friend, Susan Ballard with help and encouragement from Bill O’Shie for submitting our name for this honor.

We thank our wives, Cheryl and Pam for believing in us and supporting our addiction to live music. We thank our kids, Scott, Katie, Silas and Becket who spent almost every family vacation and event around music whether they liked it our not. (we hope they liked it).

Our extended families and dear friends have always encouraged us and supported our efforts, many of whom are here tonight. Thank you all.

We thank our fellow musicians that we’ve had the good fortune to play with and learn from through the years.

-Bob Schnieder, local bluegrass musician and mentor to so many of us.

-Jerry Raven and Don Hackett, Jim Thompson, Dwane Hall

-our friends and members of the Erie Lackawanna Railroad band, Bill Matthews, Mark Gannon, and Scott Leighton

-our friends and members of Creek Bend, Ted Lambert, Rich Schaefer, Carl Eddy, Doug Yeomans and Phil Banaszak. We sincerely hope that Creek Bend will someday also be included in a future Hall of Fame class. Since 1978, this band has brought bluegrass to Buffalo and brought Buffalo to the world through it’s music.

We thank our mom, Loretta who is here tonight for always saying yes to the instrument purchases, music lessons and rehearsals that she drove us to in our youth and for our sister, Alison who stood beside us in every step of this journey who is also here tonight. And there was our dad who saw something in his children and decided to take them places that would nurture their talents. He put the first instruments in our hands. Harmonicas, piano, guitars, violins, accordions and concertinas which he and our grandfather Harry also played. He bought Mark his first banjo at Breezy’s Pawn shop on Chippewa and soon afterword brought home a mandolin for Chris that he bought from a farmer at a yard sale somewhere along the highway in New York state. The farmer thought it was a ukulele. Dad knew it was a mandolin. He found Bob Schnieder our first bluegrass teacher in the first ward of Buffalo and began taking us there for lessons. He sought out bluegrass festivals all over the north east and took us there to learn. He encouraged us every day that we shared this earth. We dedicate this honor to our dad, Gene Panfil.

We would like to end thanking God for giving us musical gifts to share, music to enjoy and friends and family to share it with!making us two brothers from Lackawanna who feel so unbelievable lucky to play music together. And for keeping us from killing each other over the tempo of a song we are playing! Or countless other little things.

Thank you.

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