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  1. Mark Panfil says:

    Thanks to all the great folks at the regular Tuesday night Jam session at the Concord Mercantile in Springville NY last night. We did Faded Love, Shackles and Chains, Have I Told You Lately that I Love You, When the Blue Birds Sing and many, many more. There was some excellebt pickin’ and singin’ in beautiful setting. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 PM- 9 PM, except holidays.

  2. Richard Boehm says:

    Would like to attend.

  3. Richard Boehm says:

    On Apri 28, 2016, is this a jam session or a concert?

    • Mark Panfil says:

      Hi Richard, Sorry, I don’t check this comment section regularly. I will start checking it now. This is really a jam but people do come to listen too. Every time I go, I’m invited to play. I think they invite anyone that arrives with an instrument to play.


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